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Our mission

Connex feels the urge to speed up the energy transition. The time is now. The quantities of sustainable energy produced today are unlikely to meet future demand. Therefore, we take on this challenge.

The sustainable strength and carbon-reducing potential of renewable feedstock is a proven force for setting Net Zero targets. Our business is to find the right, reliable source and lead the way in delivering emissions-reductive solutions. We bring parties together along the supply chain. Connex connects and shares all dots and data to supply, service and control sustainability.

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Our desired future is a Net Zero one. A future in which we created a reliable and futureproof supply chain, offering considerable CO₂ reduction amongst other positive contributions and limiting climate change for a sustainable future of the world we live in.

To make this happen, Connex speeds up the energy transition by bridging the gap between feedstock and fuel. We connect with like-minded clients and suppliers along the supply chain. With our combined years of experience in sourcing and trading feedstocks and end products, we know where markets meet and how to deliver true Green Value.

We supply, support and control sustainability.

Working as a team

Connex energizes the future as a team. Our directors, Bram, Ralph, and Fabian, have broad experience in trading renewable energy, feedstocks, and sustainability, being active since 2009. Together with the international team of energizers, we navigate through the world of sustainable fuel, renewable products and emission reducing solutions with more strength and effect.

We channel our energizing teamwork to impact the energy transition, taking ownership of all key factors in a hard working, smart and innovative way, both people and data driven.

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““We just need to search, find or adept to a solution and push through the existing boundaries. I firmly believe in the green value of our product.”

Bram van Santen

Corporate Director

“Making a difference by pushing boundaries and challenging the status quote daily, is such a great feeling! This gives me energy and makes me happy. At Connex I get the freedom to do this and get challenged by colleagues who are looking for new features.”

Rick Stoop
Project Manager

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