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Energizing work

We take things very seriously. Working hard contributing to a more sustainable future is a goal that can only be reached when you keep eye on everything and everyone around you. Your family, your health, your career, your team. Together we can make the difference. That’s why our eye is also very much on the team as a whole. On open and honest communication. On an informal working environment. On creating energy together. And on bouncing back once in a while, with some Dutch brew, casual conversation, and lots of laughter.

#Energize yourself

Your personal ambition to be part of the solution as an invaluable team member. 

#Energize your skills

Grow where you want to go with an annual
€ 3000 budget for study and skills. 

#Energize the future

Ownership of our shared ambition to impact a cleaner future with effort and innovation.

#Energizing freedom

For a healthy work-life balance we offer 40% WFH option and 20 + 10 extra vacation days. 

#Energizing colleagues

Step into an international team and have fun, like with our summer and winter team events.

#Energizing terms

Outstanding wages, good benefits package like pension scheme & commuting allowance.

#Energize yourself
Your personal ambition to grow where you want to go, on your own terms.
#Energize the team
Our team’s ambition to become a powerful partner within the renewable supply chain.
#Energize the future
Our shared ambition to make a difference for a better and cleaner future.
#Energizing business
A fascinating, dynamic and international market you can grow into.
#Energizing colleagues
young internationally formed team working hard and having fun.
#Energizing terms
Outstanding wages & good benefits package, like 30 vacation days and free sunny Fridays.

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Fun facts

Fun works at Connex

At Connex, we effectively speed up the energy transition. Join us to energize your career, energize our team and energize the future while having fun together. How much? A lot! Check our fun facts here:
Really bad (and better) jokes on a daily basis
Some serious table football games and hooliganism
Working at Van Nelle, we like our coffee and tea
An energizing market growth towards 2030

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